Shoulder SLAP Shoulder SLAP

Shoulder SLAP

SLAP tear or Superior labarum Anterior and Posterior tear is a type of shoulder injury. It is the condition where a superior portion of the labarum in the shoulder is damaged. Labarum is generally a cup-shaped rim composed of fibrous tissue and socket as per guidance from the expert Doctors for Shoulder SLAP (Tear) Lesions in Faridabad. It generally reinforces the joint of the socket and ball joint.

Causes And Risk Factors Of SLAP

The potential reasons for SLAP are repetitive injury or trauma of the shoulder. The labarum wears down on the shoulder wears down leading to this condition.

Athletes involved in excessive overhead movements are mostly susceptible to SLAP. Most volleyball players and baseball players’ swimmers suffer from this condition as per details from a SLAP doctor in Gurgaon.
Prominent risks of SLAP are listed below.

  • Repetitive use of the shoulder in sports involving throwing
  • Shoulder dislocation
  • Rapid overhead shoulder movement
  • Falling onto the shoulder
  • Lifting heavy objects
  • Degeneration and wearing down of labarum

Symptoms Of SLAP

The symptoms of SLAP involve deep pain in the shoulder joint. This is often accompanied by a popping or catching sound. This in turn can also result from shoulder weakness and pain during lifting of certain objects as per data received from a SLAP doctor in Noida. The most prominent symptoms are listed below

  • Clicking, locking, grinding, or popping sound in the shoulder
  • Deep and aching pain
  • Decreased range of motion
  • Shoulder instability
  • Pain when lifting anything heavy
  • Decreased shoulder strength
  • Pain while moving arm

Diagnosis Of SLAP

The doctor will inspect all possible symptoms and will help you with the right treatment procedure. Any specific injury or shoulder pain must be highlighted. Any sort of sports aggravation of pain in the location of the shoulder will help the Doctors for Shoulder SLAP (Tear) Lesions near me in conclusion. The most common examinations are listed below

  • Physical Examinations: the doctor will inspect a range of motion and shoulder strength.
  • Imaging tests: this includes tests like X-rays and MRI scans. These tests help in acknowledging actual damage to the labarum.

Treatment Of SLAP

Depending on the vulnerability of your SLAP, there are multiple non-surgical options. Anti-inflammatory medicines will reduce overall pain and swelling. A physical therapist will also help in providing a long-term range of motion and strengthening your shoulder.

Arthroscopic surgery is also an option to cure. Here a camera is inserted, which helps in finding the actual issue. Through guided surgical measures, the expert as a SLAP doctor in Delhi can remove the torn portion of the labarum.

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