AC Joint Dislocation AC Joint Dislocation

AC Joint Dislocation

AC Joint Dislocation is the most commonly known problem known as acromioclavicular (AC) joint, along with ligaments of collarbone & shoulder blade can be resolved through intensive cure AC Joint Dislocation Faridabad. This condition is categorized into various types depending upon the damage made.

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Types Of AC Joint Dislocation

The type of injury explains the level of a tear in the AC joint.

  • Type 1: here AC ligament is mildly torn, but coracoclavicular (CC) ligaments are safe
  • Type 2: here AC ligament, but a mild tear in the coracoclavicular (CC) ligaments.
  • Type 3: the AC & CC ligament is completely torn. Her collarbone is completely separated from the shoulder blade.

Causes Of AC Joint Dislocation

The prominent cause of such a type of shoulder injury is due to hit on the shoulder which is as per prominent experts and guidance of AC Joint Dislocation Gurgaon. The possible condition are listed below

  • The tip of your shoulder is hit
  • The top part of your shoulder is hit which can be cured by proper care through AC joint separation doctor
  • Your arm is outstretched

Symptoms Of AC Joint Dislocation

An AC Joint Dislocation may show the following symptoms. One may even notice a small bump in the shoulder or your collarbone out of place. It is necessary to keep a tab of all the symptoms listed below before consulting for guidance in regards to AC Joint Dislocation Ghaziabad.

  • Limited motion in the shoulder
  • Pain
  • Bruising
  • Swelling
  • Tenderness of muscles on the top of the shoulder

Diagnosis Of AC Joint Dislocation

The doctor will examine your shoulder and identify possible symptoms. If any of the above-mentioned matches his diagnosis, he will proceed with a further course of treatment. The possible tests are listed below.

  • 1. Blood flow in the shoulder area
  • Muscle strength
  • Signs of any damage in the area of the rotator cuff are duly analyzed by a doctor
  • X-ray is taken as a final resort to analyzing the damage to bones.

Treatment In AC Joint Dislocation

The supreme goal is to minimize the pain in the ligaments and allow the torn ligament to heal as per all doctors. Depending on the severity of AC Joint Dislocation and type, the doctor will reach a possible treatment.

Type 1 & 2 of AC Joint Dislocation

Generally, the doctor goes for the following measures.

  • Reliving your arm through a sling
  • The icing on the shoulder
  • Taking pain relievers like Naproxen and ibuprofen if approved by an expert of AC Joint Dislocation Delhi.
Type 3 AC Joint Dislocation

Under a very rare case of type 3 AC Joint Dislocation.

  • The doctor will for surgery backed by a physical therapy session
  • A sling is always beneficial in curing this condition if your doctor has approved it.
Type 4,5 & 6 AC Joint Dislocation needs AC joint ligament reconstruction
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