Shoulder Dislocation Shoulder Dislocation

Shoulder Dislocation

Shoulder Dislocation

Shoulder dislocation is a condition where an upper arm bone pops out from a cup-shaped socket. This is generally part of a shoulder blade that dislocates. The potential reason for shoulder dislocation is its frequent movement which can be resolved by a doctor of Shoulder dislocation treatment in Faridabad.

Although it’s not a major injury if delayed from proper medical guidance the injury may take a harsh condition.

Causes & Risk Factors Of Shoulder Dislocation

The forward, backward & downward movement of the shoulder makes it vulnerable to the condition of Shoulder dislocation. A strong impact on fibrous tissue that holds your shoulder bones can complicate overall condition but can be handled by the guidance of Shoulder dislocation treatment. Teenager invoked in high physical activity are potentially more vulnerable to shoulder dislocation.
The potential causes of Shoulder dislocation are listed below.

  • Trauma/Accident: a hard blow during a vehicle accident can lead to shoulder dislocation.
  • Sports Injury: sports such as hockey, and football involve contact and can often cause shoulder injury. Moreover, sports such as gymnastics, volleyball, downhill, and skiing where the fall of uphill are very common often cause a Shoulder dislocation.
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Symptoms Of Shoulder Dislocation

A shoulder injury can also lead to weakness and numbness in your shoulder. The muscles may even spasm leading to high intensity of pain in the shoulder. The prominent dislocation signs are listed below.

  • Swelling or Bruising
  • Deformed shoulder or out of place
  • Not movable
  • Intense pain

Diagnosis Of Shoulder Dislocation

It is advisable to consult a doctor on any possible symptoms. Your doctor will inspect for any possible swelling, deformity, and tenderness in the affected area. An X-ray is mandatory, as it will reveal the exact position of your shoulder or any possible broken bones before proceeding for a Shoulder dislocation in Noida.

Treatment Of Shoulder Dislocation

A simple shoulder dislocation without any possible nerve damage will be cured within a few weeks. Although certain care should be taken for future accidents. Only mild work should be done, after close to two months from injury as per guidelines provided by the doctor of Shoulder dislocation.

Prominent treatments involved are listed below

  • Immobilization
    The doctor may guide your shoulder with a special sling to avoid movements for a couple of weeks.
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  • Surgery
    Damaged blood vessels and nerves often require surgery. Your doctor may guide you with proper surgery if ligaments and joints are possibly weak for frequent dislocation.
  • Closed Reduction
    Your doctor may even guide you with gentle maneuvers to relocate your shoulder. A muscle relaxant or sedative is truly beneficial in this process.
  • Rehabilitation

This is of utmost necessity once your shoulder has recouped and the sling has been removed. This will help in restoring your shoulder strength, range of motion, stability, and assurance from the expert Shoulder dislocation specialist doctor.

Treatment For Recurrent Dislocation

Arthroscopic bankart repair(labral tear repair)

This is a process of reattaching the labrum to the bony margin with the help of special anchor sutures. This is done arthroscopically with keyhole surgery. There are no stitches left after surgery. The success rate for this surgery is more than 95%.

  • Latarjetprocedure– Attachment of coracoid process to anterior glenoid
  • Indication– bony bankart with koss of bone more than 20% from glenoid
  • Failure of arthroscopic surgery
  • Success rate- more than 99%
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