What are common sports injuries around shoulder?

Although fracture can happen to anyone but common sports injuries are dislocation of shoulder joint, rotator cuff tear, dislocation of acromioclacicular joint.

1. When is arthrocopy of shoulder needed?

Most common indication of arthroscopic surgery of shoulder is recurrent dislocation followed by rotator cuff tear and reconstruction of acromioclavicular joint.

2. How much successful is arthroscopic surgery of shoulder joint?

Arthroscopic bankart repair is gold standard for recurrent dislocation of shoulder. it is better than open surgery in expert hand. Arthroscopic cuff repair and AC joint reconstruction has excellent results.

3. How long I have to stay in hospital for shoulder/knee arthrocopic surgery?

Need to stay only 1-2 days in hospital for almost all arthroscopic procedures.

4. How much painful is the procedure?

Arthoscopic procedure is never painful. For postoperative pain relief we give nerve block and local infiltration so that you can do exercise and physiotherapy as much as possible and required.

5. Do I use hot or cold packs for pain relief?

Always use cold pack / ice packs for the first six weeks after surgery. Hot packs immediately after surgery can cause aggravation of inflammation and stiffness.

6. When can I start working?

Those in supervisory / sitting jobs can resume after 2weeks depending on how strong and comfortable they feel. It is advisable to wear the sling while attending work as chances of sustaining a jerk to the operated shoulder are high. Also the sling is an ideal deterrent for colleagues who are in a habit of back slapping. after ACL reconstruction you can join office after 2 weeks time but its better to continue knee brace for three weeks.

7. When is the earliest that I can start driving?

TIt is recommended that you may resume driving at least two months after surgery. Most patients after surgery for recurrent dislocation will drive after two months. Patients who underwent rotator cuff repair need to achieve rotator cuff strength to be able to drive. Driving after knee ligament should be started after 3 months but jerks must be avoided.

8. When can I start my sports activity?

Running a after knee ligament reconstruction should be started after muscle power has come to normal usually after 6 months. But returning to sports activity is allowed only after 8 months of surgery otherwise chance of re injury is quite high.

9. When can I start my Gym exercises ?Cardiac exercises & Weights / resistance exercises?

You must ask your treating doctor for permission before resuming Gym. Most cardiac exercises can be started 3 months after surgery. Bench press & Shoulder press are not allowed for a significant period (5-6mo) which varies from patient to patient.

10. When do I need to report back urgently?

If you develop fever more than 100deg. Celsius or sudden onset severe pain.